My main academic expertise concerns the debates on Islamic headscarves and full veils in France. In addition, I am interested in and have studied Islam and state – religion relationships in Europe. I defended my doctoral thesis (Study of Religions) in April 2015 and I have also completed an M.Soc.Sc. degree (Sociology).

My doctoral research deals with French debates on Islamic headscarves and full veils (i.e a burqa or a niqab) in the 21st century, and to be more specific, the discursive construction of national identity during those debates. I have published articles, book reviews and other texts, as well as taught at the University of Helsinki and elsewhere. I have also contributed to a bibliographical database called Eurislam.

In my post-doctoral research, starting in August 2018 at the University of Helsinki, I will study religious literacy in Finland.

If you wish to contact me, please send an email to johanna.konttori (at) helsinki.fi.